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[agents_inuplan insuimage=”145″ inutitle=”Term Life Insurance” inusubtitle=”Most Affordable – Rate stays the same.” inudes=”Your Rate stays the same for a coverage period. Up to 30yrs. ” inubtntext=”Get a Free Quote !” inufonawe=”fa-home”][agents_inuplan insuimage=”158″ inutitle=”Final Expense Policy” inusubtitle=”Burial or Funeral Costs – No medical Exam ” inudes=”A life insurance policy designed to cover basic funeral or burial costs. In some cases merchandise or other related costs.

Funeral services, Cemetery Plot and Headstone, Casket, Funeral Procession etc. ” inubtntext=”Get a Free Quote !” inufonawe=”fa-thumbs-up”][agents_inuplan insuimage=”161″ inutitle=”Investment Life Insurance” inusubtitle=”The life insurance premiums can be invested” inudes=”Permanent life insurance; providing the option to invest a portion of premiums in the stock market. Flexible Premiums

Cash is invested in the S&P Index, Stocks, Mutual Funds or a Money Market.
” inubtntext=”Get a Free Quote !” inufonawe=”fa-briefcase”]

[agents_inuplan insuimage=”154″ inutitle=”Cash Value Life Insurance” inusubtitle=”Accumulates Cash for a Lifetime ” inudes=”Designed as a permanent form of life insurance. Includes a death benefit component and a savings account component.

Common Types Whole Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance

” inubtntext=”Get a Free Quote !” inufonawe=”fa-bus”][agents_inuplan insuimage=”140″ inutitle=”Key Person Life Insurance” inusubtitle=”Policy for an Executive or Person in a Company” inudes=”Protects the company in the situation of sudden loss of a key executive that would have a large negative effect on the company’s operations.

Also known as “key man insurance,“ or “business life insurance.

” inubtntext=”Get a Free Quote !” inufonawe=”fa-globe”][agents_inuplan insuimage=”159″ inutitle=”Group Life Insurance” inusubtitle=”Life insurance Offered by an Employer or Large Organization ” inudes=”The coverage costs each individual worker/member much less than if they had to purchase an individual policy by going through their employer.

Typically offered by an employer as part of a benefits package.

” inubtntext=”Get a Free Quote !”]

[agents_inuservice inusertitle=”Insurance guidelines” inuserdes=”Every company with rate you different based on your health profile. ” inuserfonawe=”fa-briefcase”]
[agents_inuservice inusertitle=”Simple Process” inuserdes=”We simplify the life insurance process from start to finish. ” inuserfonawe=”fa-pencil”]
[agents_inuservice inusertitle=”Dedicated Support” inuserdes=”We communicate through every step of the process. Agents are always on standby.” inuserfonawe=”fa-clock-o”]

Here at The Orlando Life Insurance Agency our mission is to educate you, inform you about everything related to life insurance, and provide the best  coverage that meets your needs, at the best price. We get quotes from Life insurance companies we represent. We’ll help you understand the benefits of a term life policy, and how much it costs by providing you with a free quote. We provide The Orlando Life insurance agency , and if you’re looking for affordable coverage, The Orlando Life Insurance agency  can help you find the best rates from the highly-rated companies we represent.

[agents_inssub autonamein=”Get a Free Consultation ” autophonein=”1-800-777-1000″ autotimein=”24/7 DAYS “]
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